The Human Capital Management Group of Franc-Philemon Consulting is one of Nigeria’s leading Human Capital Strategy and Advisory providers. With over 5 years of experience providing vanguard, client customized advisory services driven by global best practice to both local and cross border public and private sector institutions, this team offers a cosmopolitan herb of experience, with consultants possessing a range of diverse skills and work experience from the international borders of Africa to Europe, Asia and the United States of America.

For your organisation to be relevant today dynamism needs to be more than just a word, it needs to be an attitude. We pride ourselves in helping our clients improve business performance, because in changing their work, we change their world.

The Human Capital Management Group (HCM), is devoted to people strategies and the impact of the human resource function. Our extensive foray into the global workplace has enabled us to establish knowledge based on the fact that human resource strategy must mobilize the power and reach of organisations worldwide.

We understand that a Company is successful only if its PEOPLE are successful. Its focus must be on attracting quality people with needed skills, aligning their activities with company goals, creating an environment that encourages high performance and providing ample reward for their contributions. While market, product/service and most resources are easily quantified, people resources are far less so. Yet, in most organisations the human resource is the single most costly resource. To gain power, an organisation’s challenge is to know its people and to be responsive to their wants and needs.

HCM moves beyond cost control to strategic value hence ensuring high performance. We use human resource management as a strategic tool to transform enterprises. Getting the most qualified people for the job and ensuring an easy transition into the structural fabric of your organisation we ensure that we streamline your internal processes and allow you to concentrate on generating profit in your core business.


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