The Information Technology group focuses on Information Security Assurance Services, Strategic Information Systems Planning and Implementation Support and e-business planning and development. It consists of skilled professionals who have developed deep competencies in information systems, information security, information risk management, information technology process optimization, business information technology (Internet, Databases, etc) planning and implementation and project management.

Information Technology will continue to play an increasing role in an organisation’s ability to enhance and effectively support its’ core processes. This ability of organisations to derive value from their investments in IT depends on how strong their information culture is.

FPCL provides a comprehensive range of IT related services aimed at assisting organisations to effectively develop and manage their IT capabilities for competitive advantage. Specifically, we aim to achieve enhanced organisational performance through measurable improvements in key performance indicators by painstakingly guiding our clients through the judicious application of IT solutions and architecture.

Our focus is on building information systems, which provide valuable support to managers and facilitate the attainment of corporate goals and strategic objectives.


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