Our collection of management training programmes are geared to provide individuals with a host of tools and techniques that will better-prepare them for the continuous and diverse challenges that come with the responsibilities of this role. Our management courses focus on managing self, managing others, management as a set of tools and management as a skill.

Leadership & Management Development

There are 15 different programmes in this section of our management courses that focus on equipping an individual with the skills required to successfully practice typical every-day management duties as well as effective techniques for coping with the ‘soft’ issues that are key in managing relationships and people.

Customer Service

Franc-Philemon Consulting built a strong reputation by being continuously conscious of the need for quality and excellence in all aspects of driving the business and servicing clients. The 3 customer-focused programmes in this section seek to reveal key practices in delivering excellent customer service.

Sales & Marketing

For individuals that are required to daily market and sell products and services or are involved in the promotion and management of image, these courses provide invaluable methods of customer relationship management, branding and essential selling skills.


These 4 finance-related programmes are designed to appeal to the individual who wishes to improve finance management techniques as well as non-finance professionals that may be struggling with the financial side of their management responsibilities.

Human Capital Development

The Human Capital Management group of Franc-Philemon Consulting has sought to include numerous aspects of human resource management within this suite of courses. The programmes here deal with both strategic and transactional HR-related management techniques.


Strategy is explored within this context as a management tool for financial, business process and overall goal orientation of an organisation. The Balance Scorecard performance management technique is one of the more popular courses in this collection of strategy-based programmes.


Recruitment and selection is related directly to the Nigerian environment in this collection of 3 programmes that show participants how to attract, select and recruit different types of job seekers at varying levels. The techniques needed to recruit effectively in Nigeria’s unique environment are blended with standard tried and tested approaches that are effective and applicable to all types of recruiters.


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